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Advanced Wood Heat
Salmon Arm, BC.

State of the Art Engineering with a Solid History of Reliability

Hamech the manufacturer of the BioMass boiler line is primarily an industrial boiler company that produces state of the art high-efficiency wood burning systems that operate at over six million Btu. Using their knowledge and experience they have carried this quality of craftsmanship and ingenuity to their line of residential wood burning boilers. They have applied their expertise to produce a line of super efficient wood gasification boilers with great attention to detail.


-Negative draft (larger units use both positive and negative draft)
-Silicone door seal
-Positive roller latch door handles
-Improved gas path
-Easy to clean with both a cleaning handle and an extra access port
-The highest quality ceramics on the market
-RK2001UA controller, modulating draft, direct communication with your oil or gas boiler
- 2" supply and return ports with American threads
-Built-in pressure gauge
-U.L., CSA, C.A., TUV approvals.

Boiler Control -The Biomass uses the RK-2001UA controller designed specifically for solid fuel fired boilers. With this control, you can manage fan speeds, pump function, minimum and maximum temperatures. The controller is also equipped with additional multipurpose outputs which allow connecting a mixing valve, alarm signal or additional gas or oil boiler switches.

The BioMass line uses negative draft technology which means that air is pulled, rather than pushed, through the gasification chamber. This design keeps any emissions (smoke) from exiting the chamber while refueling the boiler.

BioMass Wood Boiler Model Specifications

BioMass Boiler Model BioMass25 BioMass40 BioMass60 BioMass80 BioMass100
Btu's per Hour (Maximum) 85,000 140,000 210,000 275,000 342,000
Aprox. Heating Area 1,800 sq. ft. 3,500 sq. ft 6,000 sq. ft 8,500 sq. ft. 10,000 sq. ft.
Water Capacity (Gallons) 33 40 50 68 110
Firebox Volume (Gallons)   40 60 75 140
Height 62.5" 66" 66.5" 72.25" 72.6"
Width 25.5" 26.8" 31.5" 37.4" 42.1"
Depth 44" 44" 44" 47" 65.9"
Flue Size 6" 6" 6" 8" 8"
Weight (Pounds) 1190 1480 1780 2100 3580

Advanced Wood Heat
Salmon Arm, BC.
PH. 250-515-1106