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Heating with Wood....

Only 20% of wood's heat potential is generated by burning the solid mass (actual wood). The remaining 80% of wood's heat potential is generated by burning the gasses created while the solid burns. Thinking of going with a conventional outdoor wood boiler??? re-read that statement and re-start your thinking.

When wood is heated, it begins to breakdown, changing from a solid into a gas. The wood ultimately changes to charcoal. The gases emitted by the burning wood are mostly comprised of hydrogen (H) and carbon monoxide (CO). The emission of gases as a result of heating is called gasification and the unburned hydrogen and carbon monoxide gases, along with others, are often called soot, creosote, and tar. If the boiler is not specifically designed to burn these gases they simply escape up the chimney.

The Wood Burning Lifestyle....Choices.

Wood is not a miracle fuel and wood gasification boilers are not miracle machines. Wood rarely comes "free"....collecting and preparing firewood is "work" and heating with wood is a "lifestyle".....fortunately it's a lifestyle of choice for most wood burners.

Heating with wood or biomass does take some foresight, time and space planning, some physical effort and a good amount of due diligence. To attain the potential efficiency offered by the latest generation of wood gasification boilers the quality of the fuel is important. Providing dry well seasoned wood is the surest path to success with these boilers.

There is no wood burner on earth that can burn green wood efficiently as it would be the same as burning buckets of water along with the wood fuel. The weight difference between a green log and a dry log can be 3-5 pounds and it is all water. In order to burn the green log the boiler must first boil away all of the water contained within which reduces it's output and efficiency and increases it's emissions substantially. No one would ever think of watering down the fuel they put in their car and it's not a sensible approach to take with a wood burner either.

Check out the E.P.A.'s list of Best Burn Practices for specific information.

The Benefits of Wood Gasification....

A wood gasification boiler is specifically designed to capture and burn the wood gases that accumulate when burning wood breaks down thus they burn hotter and cleaner and produce minimal smoke. Modern wood gasification boilers are measured at around 80-85% efficiency as compared to one stage combustion systems which have a measured efficiency of around 37%. Because of this higher efficiency these boilers can reduce wood consumption from a conventional outdoor wood boiler by up to 50%.

Thermal Storage....

Thermal storage is used by many boilers to improve efficiency by minimizing the amount of on-off cycling. This is usually a large, insulated metal tank (600 to 1500 gallons) that holds the heated water before circulating it through the house or building. Without thermal storage, any time the house calls for heat, the heater turns on, which means the heater cycles on and off fairly often. High efficiencies are only attained when the fire is burning hot, so every time the equipment cycles on and off, efficiency drops and emissions increase. With thermal storage, the boiler fires for a long period of time in order to heat the large amount of water in storage, and then it shuts down for a long period of time while the house draws the hot water off storage. This greatly increases efficiency and reduces emissions. The Garn Wood Heating System is the only wood boiler with integrated thermal storage built in.

Outdoor Wood Boilers....

Suffer from design characteristics that make them notorious for having very high emissions and low efficiencies: they are based on a large firebox, which means large fires that smolder often and waste a tremendous amount of fuel; they heat a water jacket, which is often not well insulated; and they usually have low exhaust stacks, which allows the exhaust to hover close to the ground. Currently, there is no national legal emissions limit on outdoor wood boilers. The hourly emissions of one outdoor wood boiler can be twenty times as high as the hourly emissions of an EPA-certified wood stove. While the EPA has initiated a voluntary regulatory program in an effort to encourage manufacturers to produce cleaner, more efficient units there are still many unqualified, unhealthy boilers on the market. So be cautious when purchasing and installing one of these systems. Do your homework, if you ask around you will soon discover that the life-span of these boilers is usually no more than 8-10 years before they are rusted out or repairs become too costly.

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Hydronic Fundamentals

CMHC Wood Heating Guide


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Ag. Ops.

Advanced Wood Heat is building up contacts for alternative biomass fuels.

If you have a supply of biomass waste fuel or need access to a supply please contact us.

We currently have access to hog fuel, wood pellets, kiln dried sawdust, shavings and compressed wood bricks from kiln dried timber.


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Advanced Wood Heat
3000 Lake Vista Drive
Blind Bay, B.C.
V0E 1H1
PH. 250-515-1106