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Advanced Wood Heat

3000 Lake Vista Drive
Blind Bay, B.C.
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PH. 250-515-1106

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Econoburn Vs. Import


In response to consumer demand, Econoburn™ has adapted its revolutionary wood-gasification technology to produce the best-built OUTDOOR Wood Boiler made today anywhere!

Achieving the same amazing 87% thermal efficiency as the Econoburn™ Boilers indoor model, the new outdoor line is designed as a direct replacement for outdated wood-fired furnaces.

Indeed, Econoburn™ outdoor wood boilers fit on the same concrete pad and connect to the same supply and return pipes used by conventional outdoor wood furnaces.

Plus, Econoburn™ outdoor boilers include integrated air vents and circulators - and require no plate heat exchangers!

Econoburn Wood Burning Boiler Main Features

1. 1/4" Steel plate Construction

Our wood boilers are constructed of 1/4 inch ASME grade A36 carbon steel plate throughout, most seams double welded for strength and durability for excellent temperature and corrosion resistance.

2. Clean Burning & Environmentally Friendly

High temperature combustion results in almost no creosote or ash. With virtually no exhaust gases, our wood boilers ease the burden on the environment.

3. Full Water Jacket Heat Exchanger

High volume water jacket means faster heat up, and greater output.

4. Custom Made Refractory

High technology custom made gasification firing chamber efficiently retains its heat. Even when the fire itself burns down, the refractory maintains it's temperature, and with the introduction of forced air re ignites fresh wood.

5. Easy Clean Ash Chamber

Front opening ash chamber makes occasional maintenance easy.

6. Heavy Duty Draft Induction

Reliable industrial grade fan forces air into the gasification chamber producing ultra high efficiency combustion and heat transfer.

7. Proven Draft Combustion Control

We utilize industrial grade touch pad control units to optimize the wood boiler's combustion efficiency.

Econoburn Wood Boiler Model Specifications

Econoburn Boiler Model EBW-100 EBW-150 EBW-200 EBW-300 EBWC-500 EBW-150-O EBW-200-O
Btu's per Hour (Maximum) 100,000 150,000 200,000 300,000 500,000 150,000 200,000
Water Capacity (Gallons) 28 33 44 80 118 37 44
Firebox Volume (Cubic Feet) 5.44 6.19 8.05 11.94 22.06 6.19 8.05
Log Length (Maximum) 21" 21" 21" 23" 33" 21" 21"
Door Opening 12" X 15" 12" X 15.75" 12" X 20.5" 12" X 23.5" 13" X 32" 12" X 15.75" 12" X 20.5"
Height 62.5" 66" 66.5" 72.25" 72.6" 80" 80.5"
Width 25.5" 26.8" 31.5" 37.4" 42.1" 48.4" 48.4"
Depth 44" 44" 44" 47" 65.9" 54.25" 54.25"
Flue Size 8" 8" 8" 8" 12" 8" 8"
Weight Empty(Pounds) 1440 1550 1860 2395 3220 1,800 2,100

Operating Data EBW-100 EBW-150 EBW-200 EBW-300 EBWC-500 EBW-150-O EBW-200-O
Max Operating Temperature 210° F / 99° C
Max Operating Pressure 30 PSI / 207 kPa
Output Temperature (range) 170° F - 200° F / 77° C - 93° C
Specified Fuel Wood (recommended moisture content: 15-22%
Minimum Draft Required -0.02 to -0.06 inch WC / -0.005 kPa to -0.015 kPa
Flue Gas Temperature 280° F - 400° F / 138° C - 204° C

Electrical Data EBW-100 EBW-150 EBW-200 EBW-300 EBWC-500 EBW-150-O EBW-200-O
Boiler Power Requirement 110 volt, 15 amp
Electrical Consumption (watts) 100 175 175 175 200 175 175
Aquastat Overheat Setting 220° F / 104° C
Electrical Consumption 5 amps

Econoburn Standards

All Econoburn™ Boilers are built in an ISO 9001-2000 facility to exact standards, with ASME certified welders. EPA Phase 1 approved units ranging from 100,000 btu up to 500,000.

All Boilers come with the following: pump, pressure relief valve, pressure & temperature gauge, digital aquastat & well, high temp silicone, turbulator shaker handle, exhaust door handle, bottom target refractory and owner’s manual.

Never get caught without a part.

Econoburn™ wood boilers are built in New York State to rigorous ISO 9001-2000 standards for unbeatable quality, reliability, ease of use and fuel efficiency. Econoburn Built to Last a Lifetime

Even better, they're equipped with non-proprietary parts. That means if you ever need to replace a part, you'll never be left hanging by factory backorders or have to pay exorbitant next-day shipping fees to keep your pipes from freezing. You'll be able to get what you need at your nearest heating supply shop, or maybe even Wal-Mart!

Your Econoburn™ wood boiler can easily be installed with your existing commercial or residential heating system to provide you with the ultimate in convenience, fuel efficiency and substantial savings.

If you have special requirements, the Econoburn™ wood boiler can be custom engineered and installed to your specifications.

Whether your home or business utilizes radiant floor, forced air, or a traditional hot water baseboard heating system, our line of wood boilers will save you money, guaranteed!


An Econoburn™ high-efficiency wood-fired boiler is an important investment in your home. That’s why we build our boilers to last a lifetime. In fact, we are so confident in our boiler that we provide a comprehensive 25-year warranty to protect your peace of mind. The warranty covers the pressure vessel for 25 years against defects in material and workmanship and all other boiler parts for a period of 5 years! Simply operate your boiler in accordance with the Installation and Operating Manual and you are covered.

Advanced Wood Heat
Salmon Arm, BC.
PH. 250-515-1106